Tuesday, August 10, 2010

random vintage double-header #3

1954. The year of 'the catch'. The year that Hank Aaron hit his first of his 755 home runs. Also the year Joe DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe. It was also the year that these two sets came out, 1954 Topps and Bowman. Personally I prefer the Topps' design, for a couple of reasons. First it has everything that you would expect on a baseball card front. Player's name, team (and team logo), position, etc. Bowman went with a simpler design, with its facsimile signature on the front...and only that. What is with Stan Lopata's look by the way? They didn't have a better picture to go with? Secondly, it has two shots of the player depicted, one action and the other a close-up. I always like seeing the action shots on these. I have a few coaches from the '54, and they are doing all sorts of weird things like waving or pointing. Bowman just feels a little plain to me. To me, 1954 Topps defines the term 'baseball card', and is probably my favorite vintage set.

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