Saturday, August 28, 2010

the "other" 2010 topps cards

I haven't collected football cards in an even longer time than I did baseball. I was curious to see what they did with the 2010 design so I bought a few packs. I'm not sure who's who anymore, although I did recognize Donovan McNabb, Eli Manning and Ray Lewis out of what I got. I do have to applaud Topps on the Peak Performance cards in the football set, as they are superb looking and far superior to the baseball brethren. I think the white font looks pretty good too. As for the WWE, it was something the wife and I could bust together. We watch both WWE and TNA weekly and are fans of many superstars (and not so fond of others), so its cool that we could go through these boxes together and compare what we got and so forth. We got four boxes so far, its a lot but the boxes are relatively cheap at my local shop. It also looks great in the 2010 format. Its a great set with some great hits (dual autos, jumbo relics, etc.), with a blue parallel set like they used for Opening Day. If anyone is interested in the WWE set, I have many duplicates for trade if desired. I even completed a few sets. I'll post up some of the hits I got in the coming days or so (some real cool ones).

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  1. Looking forward to seeing scans of your WWE hits. I'll let you know once I get my list compiled just in case you have any blue parallels to trade.