Saturday, August 14, 2010

olde tyme appreciation vol 1

I really like the 1960 Topps design. Such color usage on every card. Seemingly no card can be boring in this set due to that alone. Mix that with a great player selection, a couple prominent rookies (Yastrzemski and McCovey) and you have a timeless set that definitely withstands the test of time. It's no wonder you run into people collecting this set to this day (slangon over at Condition Poor is one such collector, help him out if you can). I think if I were to collect any vintage set besides 1954, it would be this year. I also really like that last years Heritage was the same design, so its great to see new players with this card format. I know they are going in chronological order, so next year we get the original wood grain set, 1962! Just awesome.

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  1. Agreed. I love the way this set looks. If I ever finish my 1958 set, I might move on to this one.