Wednesday, August 18, 2010

set review-1994

The inaugural set review post is going to 1994 Topps, a set that I had to buy twice due to the stickiness of the first. Something about the gloss of these mid-nineties sets makes them stick with age. 1995 stuck too but with no damage to the cards. I remember this set when it came out. It was a real step up from 1993 and an even huger step from 1992. These were almost (but certainly not quite) Upper Deck quality. Good in game photography, glossy cardstock, big picture on the back, some good stuff in 1994. Upper Deck could never be touched in terms of photo quality, and even could be debated to this day...but not next year. Anyway, this is the last of the 792s, as 1995 and on would be smaller. The gave card 1 to then rookie, Mike Piazza, a large honor indeed, seeing as how most of the early 90's sets had Nolan Ryan as card 1 (and rightfully so). In the picture above we see Mr. Canseco has a mighty.......bat. Trevor Wilson was a random pick, but I was forced to show Canseco. The card design itself is pretty good for an earlier 90's set. Huge front photos, the backs aren't hard to read, and have a good color scheme going on. Overall not a bad set, some amusing pictures before the looming strike, and one of the final 792 'big boys'.

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