Saturday, August 7, 2010

factory seventh (not really)

Ok, I'll start off by saying that I have almost given up getting the factory sets. I have only six years left to have every set from 1986 to 2010. The final six are those years where Topps seemed to shorten their print runs due to whatever reasons (lack of collectors, focus on higher end product, etc.), thus making the factory sets harder to find. I really didn't want to pay over $30 for a set and that's including the shipping. I'm glad to say that I haven't had to yet but If I need to get those final years, I may have to. ...Or do I? It was mentioned on here that getting hand collated sets would be much cheaper. Well, that is entirely correct. I picked up 1992 for 5 bucks, add in $9 shipping and we're good to go. This brings me to my next set as you see above. 1986 Topps. What a great set. I have very very few of these growing up (I was 4), and always cherished them due to them being my oldest cards. Kinda corny but hey, I had no idea. I picked this set up for $4.62 with shipping for $10. It was advertised as missing card #310, Greg Minton. I was perfectly alright with that, because it was cheap enough for the set and I could find Mr. Minton later. Well, I got it today and I went through it to see what was missing (something I do with every set I get) and wouldn't you know it? #310 was in there. Right between 308 and 309. Just a little out of place. Some of the other cards were too, but not far from where they needed to be. There is actually an error in the set, that being there is no 171 and two 141s. I checked the checklist to see where one of them went, and it was the 171 spot. Just a plain old Topps goof. I'm glad to have this set and I can't wait to go through it to see all the cards in this set that I haven't yet. My eventual goal is to have each Topps set from the year I was born (1982) to now. With only 9 years left, I'd say my task is almost complete.

PS- don't forget to take your guesses on yesterdays post to win the box of dupes. Like I said, if you already guessed you can guess again, take your shot!

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