Friday, October 29, 2010

seemed inevitable

...sigh. As the baseball season winds down, I find that my interest in collecting has taken the same turn. Update is the last set I have to buy until February, and its almost disheartening. I could care less for Bowman so I won't be picking any up. I still may pick up stray packs here and there but it won't be what I've been doing since the spring. Plus its probably for the better anyway. I have too many cards as it is. Speaking of which, I'll be giving some away very soon, good stuff, but stuff that doesn't fit into my collecting needs/goals right now. I bought the master set of Update on eBay along with a jumbo box at the local shop. Its probably all I'll do. I'm picking up the Vernon Wells stuff online, and I don't need more than two full sets of base cards. I'll still be posting, but it will be less frequent (ie; not daily) but will have more substance. So while I may post only a few times a week, I'll have better posts to put up, as opposed to just finding and racking my brain over something to put up here. I know some of you have gone through similar spats of disinterest and it looks like I have joined you folk with the same feelings. I'll still send out packages, and of course, will still accept them gratefully. I'll still fill want lists when I can and still love to trade. So keep those Jays handy! Until next time...

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  1. I know there isn't anything new or exciting to buy, but the offseason is a great time to build your player collections cheap and there is always vintage!