Wednesday, October 6, 2010

vintage week- day 4

Today's vintage pick comes from a different whole different league entirely:

A 1931 Zee Nut Pacific Coast League card. Fred Berger (mmm...berger...) who played for the Mission Reds in 1930. As you can see below, this card is small, a little taller than a T206 and about a quarter of an inch wider. Zee Nuts cards have an interesting history. They produced cards from 1911 to around 1934 and were sold in packages of candy (I believe, please someone correct me if I'm wrong). They depict the Pacific Coast League players. The PCL eventually evolved into the AAA league for the west coast for Major League Baseball. During the time of this card, and Zee Nuts others, I believe they were another competing league and not minor league at all. Here is that size comparison:

The back is blank and the card has a nice feel to it. I'm not sure if its due to age or what, but its got a kind of gloss to it. Not Topps 2010 gloss, but an old-timey gloss. There is another Zee Nut to be posted, but it won't be until Friday. I'll let you wonder what year its from. Come on back for day 5 of this vintage week!

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