Thursday, October 7, 2010

vintage week- day 5

Today's vintage card goes way back to 1922. E120 (or E121, I have seen them described as either) put out by the American Caramel Company:

Clarence 'Shovel' Hodge, pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. Apparently he only played from 1920 to 1922. This card is very thin, almost paper thin. Think 2 pieces of printer paper together, but well worn and 88 years old. The back says there are 120 cards in the set. I assume these were distributed in candy, but I have found no evidence to support that (namely due to me not researching, so very lazy...ha.). The size of the card itself is almost the same exact size as 1951-52 Bowmans. Tomorrow's vintage card is my favorite of the bunch, so come on back to see what it is!

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