Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 obak

2010 Obak. Has anyone seen these yet? I picked up three packs while at Target the other day. Its no secret I like minis so this set is kind of cool in that aspect. I've also noticed some weird cards, like the hot dog guy next to Heyward. Another one I got was the beverage founder. That is some great baseball history right there, no joke. You won't read about those guys in most areas of baseball history. The packs state that they are printed on recycled paper, so I guess they are environmentally responsible. No MLB license obviously, but it doesn't stop them from putting in MLB greats. I got Hank Greenberg, Dwight Gooden and Denny McLain. Nice non-Topps set here. I may buy more if I find 'em.


  1. I love the OBAK's. I did post 20 packs a while back. If you're interested --

  2. I'm a big fan of the Obak too... especially the Obak TNA cards.

  3. You found these @ Target? I'll have to look next time I'm there. So far I only have 2 Jason Heyward minis...