Friday, October 8, 2010

vintage week- day 6

Today's vintage cardboard is one of my absolute new favorites:

1911 Zee Nut. I knew nothing of it, but knew I had to have it. The size is also weird, making storage difficult. check it out:

Taller than standard, but thinner as well. I know next to nothing about this set, but I love the fact that its an actual picture from 100 years ago. the card is definitely not perfect and yes, that corner is almost missing. The back is blank, like the '31 Zee Nut, and maybe all Zee Nuts are, I don't know. The photo has a nice sepia tone to it. I haven't seen many of these on eBay, but I'm sure if you looked you would be able to find one too. Tomorrow's card is the final post for the vintage week so come on back to check it out!

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