Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I couldn't help myself this weekend. While at the local card shop searching for Hall of Famers to add to my collection, I decided to buy a hobby box of Update. The results? Nothing. I opened no pack with the promised hit. This makes box number 2 with a missing hit. If you remember about a week ago, I purchased a jumbo HTA box, and got the auto and bat barrel, but that was it. This hobby box yielded neither an auto or relic. Both of these boxes did have silk cards in them, but since when is a silk card an auto or relic? Clearly, I have been screwed. Twice. I just saw the article on Mojo's blog and I have to fully agree with everything. Their quality control is apparently on permanent vacation. I haven't gotten too many damaged cards though, and I must say the overall quality of the Update cards is way better than series 2. They've got a nicer feel to them and not too much silver overload on the names. Damaged cards are one thing, missing hits are a totally new epidemic in itself. I wrote off the jumbo box as a 'whatever' thing, but after the hobby box, I really felt, well...quite pissed off. What are the options though? Deal with it and think' thems the breaks'? Or do I contact Topps, and wait like 3 months for two hits I could care less about? 'Cause you know they wouldn't be anything other than some common All-Star jersey card of a player who probably didn't see game time. Or an auto of someone who wasn't even in the base set. Cards that would sit in a box and be forgotten. I'm all for autos and relics, but it just doesn't seem worth the hassle. Or maybe it is. What do I do? Have any of you contacted Topps and dealt with this situation before? Any information could be helpful.


  1. Get your cards! I just had a back and forth with Topps that went pretty well, and quickly.

  2. Topps Customer Service Unveils Improved Replacement Option


  3. ...or the video