Monday, November 8, 2010

mel's shirt

As some of you readers know, I have begun collecting Mel Ott cards. I wanted to collect a retired player while collecting an active player (Vernon Wells...but you already knew that), a player that I would seek his cards out and get what I can. Well, I have maybe 8 or so thus far, with 25 more on the way (thanks eBay seller, here is your dollar). The local shop has a Mel Ott relic, the one pictured above in fact. He wants $50 for it, which isn't bad considering it books at $80. I got this one on eBay for $7.50 (and $2.50 shipping). It's fantastic, I love the old feel of the material. It must have been sweltering to wear these old uniforms, they seem so thick. It's not numbered but it probably should be, I mean, how many of his uniforms could there be floating around? Maybe Upper Deck found a stash of them.

In other news, I have sent out most of the boxes from the clearance, most should be arriving today or within a few days. I hope that you guys enjoy what I put into each one. I am prepping some more lots to send out and I'll be posting it up soon, once I think of a couple more. Now, I will be making only one of each lot this time around and if I sent you a lot in the first round, I won't be able to for the next. Sorry, but I'm trying to make it fair to everyone who reads the blog here, so one for each reader who claims one seems the most fair to me. Again, enjoy and thanks for reading!

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