Sunday, November 7, 2010

card shop pick-ups

I went to the local card shop today to pick up some more card boxes and he showed me a sweet box full of stuff he had just bought from a customer. This box held many great autos and jersey cards (one of the best being a numbered to 10 Cal Ripken auto from 2007 Fleer Ultra), and included the cards below:

He gave me a great deal on these (along with the two other cards I got, just a Mel Ott Tribute and a numbered Wells card) and he said he immediately thought of me when he saw them. Pretty cool! isn't hidden that I'm a Jays seeker and he knows this of course. The cards though: this makes Lind auto number three for me. I only collect him part time. When I see good stuff, I grab it, but I don't go seeking it like Wells. The black swatch on the Icons card is good though, not boring old white like on Vernon's. The plate is really great though, namely due to it being the black. It also brings me to plate number 8 for Vernon Wells. I also picked up a couple of random packs too (2009 Topps Heritage, love the 1960 design, 2010 Topps 206, still don't care for it, and 2010 Topps Chrome, ended up with a USA Baseball auto of Brian Johnson) but nothing really worth noting besides the auto. Overall a good trip to the shop!

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