Thursday, November 4, 2010

the (first) annual year end clearance!

Uncle Sam says take some cards, so its time to give away some cards. I have accumulated many cards and feel I need to part with some of them. I tend to get this way when I start a new hobby. I'll buy into a bunch of it, then feel like I have too much, sell/give some away, repeat. I plan on making it fun and worth it though and not just ditching all my 1992 Donruss on everyone. These will be in lots and will consist of different categories, as stated below:

Lot #1- USA, Minor League, and World Baseball. Basically anything in my collection here that is not a Major League team. Also included are non-baseball people on baseball cards. You know, magicians, football players, presidents, etc. Someone who isn't a current or former player of the game of baseball. I will also add some cards from your favorite team.

Lot #2- Oddball sets and inserts. This lot will consist of oddball sets and odd sized cards. It will also include insert cards and parallels (ie; anything not a base card), from various sets, years and manufacturers. This lot will also include some of your favorite team.

Lot #3- Football. This lot will only consist of the 2010 Topps football cards I picked up (and that one stray pack of Score) minus the Patriots cards. Everything else will be there. No favorite team for this one, I'm keeping it pigskin only.

Lot#4- ??? They mystery box. This lot will consist of what ever I can fit into said box. Base cards, duplicates I have, inserts, weird stuff. It'll be fun though, I swear. I will not be a box full of 1990 Donruss, 1987 Topps and 1991 Score (I don't even have that much of those sets anyway). Again, with this lot I can make sure some of your favorite team makes it in too.

I also have some Mantle inserts from 2007 that I can throw into any one of these lots if you want them. Along with around 8 basketball cards that can go into any lot as well.

To claim one of these lots, simply leave me a comment on here stating which lot you would like. After you leave the comment, please send me an email stating which lot you would like, your favorite team and your address. Once I have some takers, I will begin to assemble the lots and once finished, I will let you know when they leave my hands. One lot per reader please, as I would like to make this fun and fair. First come, first served. I hope you enjoy what you receive, as I will have fun making them! Start it up!


  1. I would like Lot #1.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Actually, I'd like Lot #4. And I'll still take the basketball cards. Thanks!

  3. I wouldn't mind taking #2 off your hands. Thanks!

  4. I guess #3 is for me. It's good too since I haven't done much football this year, just a few packs. I could also use the Mantles you mentioned. #4 does sound like fun though but alas, I was too slow.

  5. Lot #4 - I can deal with some Twins in that but as long as it's all baseball - bring it!

  6. I'm an oddball so lot 2 would be good for me.

  7. I'm feeling adventurous, so I'll take what's behind door number four.