Saturday, November 20, 2010

card show pick up

Work ended at 11 for me today. Right after I left there, I went to the post office, as I had to get there before noon. Packages are sent, so if you are waiting on a giveaway box from me, it should arrive shortly! After the post office, I hit up the second card show of the month, the Plainville VFW show. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I just wanted to see what was out in the local marketplace. Well, I ended up with 2 Vernon Wells relics for 3 bucks each, some random Jays and HOFers I collect. Then I ended up with these:

I got most of the vintage from one guy. I actually got five 1952s, six 53s a couple of 56 and 57s and some 60s stuff too. These vintage cards were to fill up my Topps 1952-2010 binder I have going. Its a page of 9 (or 8 in the case of 52-56) cards to represent each year of Topps. The 1950s stuff is tough to come by at a good price, especially 1952s. The Mathews card isn't perfect but at 10 bucks I really can't complain. The Jordan card is actually a basketball card, but I felt it justified the quarter the guy wanted for it. The guy who sold me most of the vintage had some bins of random packs, 3 for a buck. I picked out three 1989 Fleer packs, hoping to get one card, the Griffey rookie. Well, I opened one pack, and didn't get much past a Dave Stieb that I may need and a Dodgers sticker, I left one pack still sealed up, for my unopened pack collection (yeah, I know, junk wax yay!) but I opened up the third pack, and this is what was in it:

Right behind the Rangers sticker that I was able to see at the top of the pack, was the Kid. I couldn't believe it, what are the odds? Seriously? Not only did I leave one pack unopened, and I swear there had to be like 20 packs in that bin of 89 Fleer. Maybe just luck, I don't have his 89 Fleer yet, so it worked out great. The back of the pack was the Mattingly, so he has a lil wax on him. Some other good cards too, Will Clark, Steve Sax, this would have been one hell of a pack to open in 1989. Too bad everyone overproduced their cards because maybe these would actually be worth something right now. Oh and sorry about the sideways rest of the pack, but its tough to fit it all on my scanner in one pass. Good stuff all around.


  1. Awesome pickups, love the vintage and Griffey. The Morgan is pretty sick.

  2. Great haul. Wow, does Griffey look young --and sweaty.

  3. wow... takes you back 20 years... opening a pack and finding a griffey rookie. congratulations.