Thursday, June 24, 2010

part one

Since there is little activity around here, I thought I would go through some of my favorite Vernon Wells special cards. Relics, Autos, etc. Lets begin, shall we?

The top card is part of a set that I can't find much info on. I know the set exists, and I know the set had many parallels but I cannot find much info regarding this parallel. On with the card itself. Its super shiny, numbered 1/5 and has a great piece of relic embedded on there. A great multi-color patch card, and probably my favorite. The middle card is from Topps Finest. It is not numbered but is shiny and has a nice blue piece of jersey on there. I like it because its not white like most all the relics you find out there. The final card is from the 2004 Playoff set. As you can see it is a dual relic. I'm a big fan of bat cards, and dual relics are always cool. Yes, it has the dreaded white jersey, but the bat makes up for it. It is numbered 106/250 and is not shiny at all. So that about does it for todays post. Maybe something exciting will drop in the mail tomorrow, we will see.

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