Sunday, June 13, 2010

give it away

The Million Card Giveaway seems to be a popular device within the hobby here. I'm still not sure how I feel about it as a whole. I will admit there is a nice little moment of giddiness after you punch in your code, and right before the feeling of disappointment sets in when you see the card you 'unlocked' is something you either already have, or just plain don't want and can't trade away. Sometimes though you do pull out a decent card and its not all bad. Heres what I got from my six codes from the box I opened on Friday:

I like the 2007 set, I have a bunch of this year in my collection already.

Here is a year I missed completely...I'm not a fan of this design.

1986...what can I say? To me this set defines what an 1980s baseball card looks like.

I don't have much to say about 82...its got that weird stripe thingy.

Hey a 60s card. I like the 1969 set with its bright orangey backs.

If I pull anything out of this MCG thats in the 70s or earlier, I'm usually pretty content.

Well that about does it, these six bring my total up to 50. Trading is usually impossible, and people offer me nothing but junk wax for my 60s stuff. Humbug. While I griped in my box break post the other day about the inserts in the 2010 series 2 set, I must admit I am more than pleased with the overall collation of the box. I didn't get one duplicate of a base card in the box at all. I hear you at least get a full set out of a jumbo (usually) and to have no doubles in a hobby box are both great things. This box (coupled with the first one I did weeks ago) put me about 12 cards away from finishing my first set. Two more (retail) boxes should be coming this week, if I get anything good, I'll post it on up. I got two for a good price on eBay, and I just want more base and inserts, I'm not a stickler for hits (although they are nice). One last note, I still have trouble with commenting for whatever reason, I've seemingly tried everything, so if someone leaves a comment asking a question I will get back to you but it will be just in email form.

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  1. Vintage stuff is the best. My favorite design is the 63 set. Not so much a fan of the 80's. But you still got some decent vintage.