Friday, June 18, 2010

keep hope alive

Not too happy with Topps today. I finally got my two retail boxes in the mail today (nothing outstanding, Colby Rasmus and Aaron Hill Relic cards, Eddie Murray short print, two original backs) and I only needed twelve cards to finish off my first set. Well wouldn't you know, I did manage to get all twelve (only one of each mind you) and only two of them were undamaged. The other ten had corner damage in one corner of each card. Pretty crappy if you ask me, quality control-wise and collation-wise. How can I open up four boxes and only get these cards once, and have them all damaged?? Only my luck sheesh...

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  1. That sucks! You can try to contact Topps about the damaged cards and see if they'll replace them. I know some of the card companies used to do that sort of thing years ago.