Monday, June 21, 2010

back in time

Alright, who doesn't know this set?

EVERYone knows this of the kings of the over-production era. Alos one of the first sets I collected in my youth. The first set I remember having an excessive amount of (along with 1988 and 1989 Topps also). I picked up two boxes on eBay when I jumped back into collecting to try and complete a set. I didn't. The collation is horrible in these years (its still not perfect, I have my gripes with 2010 also) and I ended up with most of a set and a bunch of duplicates. No Bonds rookie. No Canseco (I picked one up later though). I don't think they were tampered with, I mean its 1987 for crying out loud. The highest booking card is 6 bucks (if you care about book value, I don't). So which leads me to this: I need your 1987 Topps. I want this set finished and on the shelf for me to never have to look at again. Sounds weird, but it has to be finished, it'll nag at me like it has been until now. Look at those four guys above, aren't they great? Who doesn't love good old Bip? And Tippy? His name is TIPPY! Kevin Mitchell has one of the few action shots in the set, and Ken Griffey is always good. I am kinda picky about the condition though. Yeah its 23 years old but its junk wax, and there are presumably billions of these floating around. So no gum or wax stains. Just a good shape card. If you have some you'd like to shove off let me know and I'll send you the list of numbers I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Send me your list and I will see what I can do.

    longflyball (at) inbox (dot) com

  2. Back in 1987, this was the first set I ever put together. Being 12 years old, my budget was limited, but after trading with friends and many trips to the card shop, I managed to finish this set a year later. Anyway, since then I've managed to accumulate more, so I'm sure I can help. Let me know what you need.

  3. Send me your list and I'll see what I have as well... My email is in my profile.

  4. Just found you blog, like what you are talking about. I have a ton of these, if you haven't completed your set, email me your want list to and I will see if I can help.