Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Post

Greetings. My name is Ted. I collect baseball cards, and this is the blog on which I will write about them. This is a first post (and a first time thing) so bear with me here. I am a Toronto Blue Jays fan from Connecticut, we're hard to find around here as the state is very divided between all those Yankees and the Red Sox fans. I collected cards as a kid and have recently begun to collect once again, after not having collected for about 17 or so years. The hobby landscape has changed quite a bit. I'll share my thoughts and views on that as we go along. Or maybe I'll just mention stuff I pulled in packs, or what happened in last nights game. In any case, I hope you'll read along and have some points or counter-points, or whatever you want to write about drop me a line. I'll start up a wantlist at some point in the near future, along with some other fancy bloggy stuff.

P.S.- the fellow above has little to nothing to do with what I'm talking about but he is my latest T206 card addition...namely because we share a last name....and T206 cards are cool.


  1. Great to hear of another collector returning to the hobby. I, too, have recently gotten back on board, and look forward to your posts.

  2. Welcome to Blogoland. Looking forward to reading your take on the hobby after such a long vacation from it.

  3. Welcome back to collecting, look forward to following your collecting adventures