Saturday, June 12, 2010

mailman, bring me no more blues

CARD SHOW SATURDAY!! Today was the monthly card show in Meriden. I went right after work and browsed the tables, talked to some of the guys selling stuff. It was a pretty good time. Below is a couple of the cards I picked up, in addition to those there were many Blue Jays aquired. Some refractors, numbered stuff, shiny stuff, and alot of regular stuff. I also picked up the last 3 Turkey Reds I needed for 2010 Series 1, a couple of the Target retro backs and a Halladay mini blue back. Good stuff. I also picked up three packs of Topps; 1984, 1986 and 2010. Nothing really special in any of them, it was just cool to open them up. I never opened a pack of anything earlier than 1987 Topps.

The Keys is special because he was my favorite Jay as a kid. I'm not sure why the McGowan is in a special Topps case, but it is, it is numbered to 99, and was only a buck. The Cruz mirror red was $3, and the Jays dual relic was $5. Not too shabby.

It was also a mail day! Three small packages arrived, all from eBay auctions. One had 10 2010 gold cards, and the other two are below:

My first 1951 Topps and my second 1953 Topps.

My second hat relic! I love the Canadian flag in the logo, real sweet. Thats about it, I'll post up the Million Card Giveaways from my box tomorrow, nothing special, just kinda fun.

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  1. That is a cool Lind card. I haven't seen those before. Very nice.