Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hot for teacher

I had planned on writing something about grading a little while back, I just never got around to writing it. This article from Sports Cards Uncensored sums it all up perfectly and is way more on point than I would ever be. I can see some benefit to grading but overall I feel it detracts from the hobby as a whole. If you read this regularly, you'll notice that I buy some pretty beat up vintage cards. I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't need a "perfect" 10 graded 1954 Jackie Robinson, my old ratty one suits me just fine. Sure if it were graded 10 and slabbed up, theoretically no one could make it less than a 10 by damaging it, hence keeping the value up seemingly forever. It never sees another hand or greasy fingerprint. It won't get thrown at a wall or put in bike spokes to make a cool noise (kids don't do this anymore to their cards...I don't think anyway). Nope. It will remain in its little plastic tomb forever, never to be touched again. How fun. No binder. No penny sleeve. Just a 'here's my big hunk of plastic with a card inside, wanna look?', when shown to all your collecting buddies. Fooey I say! Let your cards breathe and interact with the others the way they were supposed too!

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  1. I could've had my 1992 Topps Greg Harris graded, but I figured I'd get much more enjoyment out of it if I used it as a bookmark. Greg Harris and I have made it through many good books in the past year or so, and I wouldn't trade our late nights together for anything.