Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy fathers day to all the dads!

Most everyone has a local baseball team. Be it a Major League team, AAA team or even a college team. I am fortunate enough to have a AA team, the New Britain Rock Cats, the Minnesota Twins affiliate. I say fortunate because professional sports are almost non-existent in Connecticut. We were at a game a few weeks back and we checked out the team shop. They had a bunch of 'Cats related material, shirts mini bats, balls pennants, etc. They also had some baseball cards too, Topps Attax packs, some MLB cards repacked in a 100 card lot, displaying two good cards on the front and what looked to be about 98 other junk wax cards. They also had the 2010 Rock Cats team set, put out by a company called Grandstand Cards (I know, I've never heard of them either). So for a couple bucks I picked it up, a few are scanned below.

As you can see, they kind of resemble 2010 Topps, and I'm sure its intentional. Not that its a bad thing, I like both designs. These four fellows are some of the better action shots of the set. Now, if any of these guys make it the majors is beyond me, but Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau both passed through here so I suppose anything is possible. Games are a load of fun though. Which brings me to my point. Today is fathers day and I wanted to wish all the dads out there who read this a happy one. I will be seeing my dad today and while we aren't going to a game this afternoon (they don't play at home today), we will be in the coming weeks. They will take on New Hampshire (the Blue Jays AA affiliate) and we will be attending. I'm real excited to because its something we have never done together but I know that we will both have a blast and be totally looking forward to it in the coming weeks.

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