Thursday, June 17, 2010

train kept a rollin'

Mail Day!! I received another trade package in the mail today, this time from Sean over at Condition: Poor. I sent him over some Mets stuff and this is what he sent back:

...and I couldn't be happier. It started with his post of opening up some Topps Series 2 packs and pulling the Aaron Hill jersey. The trade just went on from there. I've shown some of the favorites from this trade above, i'll explain why. The Aaron Hill was the main focus, as I like relics of Jays players. The two vintage cards are great due to the Callison only being my third 1960 Topps card, and the 1964 Altman is great simply due to the fact is has some "updated" facts about him on the front (or whatever the kid wrote). There were more vintage cards in the pile as well, like the smaller card on the bottom right (I forget what these are called, but it is cool). The other Aaron Hill (Bowman Heritage) is there just because I'm a big fan of this set. Jesse Carlson on the other hand is there due to where he is from. He hails from a small town called Kensington Connecticut. This town is a mere 3 miles from where I live, and I thought it was pretty cool that he grew up so close to here and made it all the way to The Show. There are three more fellows that made it from my area that I will go into in a future post. Thats all for now, and another big thanks to Sean.

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