Monday, June 7, 2010

i just wasn't made for these times

Baseball cards are....well...just great. I enjoy the history of the game I think, more than anything else. Sure I like to know how Toronto is doing, or how it almost seems fair to call this year "the year of the pitcher". Theres just something special about old time baseball (or base ball), that I am particularly fond of. That is probably why I like collecting older cards no matter the condition. I'll search out pre-1960s stuff but anything before 1980 will no doubt find a way into my collection. Maybe thats why I like T206s. I'm up to five so far in varying conditions, be it round corners, bends and one even has a nice tear (but no missing card). Each card has its stories and tales, and I always thought it was cool to think 'wow this has been around for 100 years, I wonder who has had it before it reached my collection'. Around here there is a league that gets together and plays old time base ball purely for the enjoyment of being part of the game's roots. is that organization and it looks like a lot of fun. I plan on attending one (or more) of these games really soon to partake in old timey goodness. Once I do I'll post up some pics. Check around, you may have a similar league in your area so you too, can enjoy the fun of the roots of the game we all know and love.

p.s.- I would have included a hotlink but it wouldn't seem to work properly, so you'll have to copy and paste. Pardon the inconvenience.

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