Wednesday, June 9, 2010

too much monkey business

Alright, yesterdays post was poorly planned, poorly written, and not fully thought out. I don't hate parallels, they have their places I suppose. I also know that Topps has cut back the sheer number of them. I know other companies used to be far worse (Upper Deck I'm looking at too Donruss), I think my issue lies with parallels of inserts or relic cards. It also seems like base cards are just a vehicle for chase cards much like gum was originally. Back in the 50's, Topps issued gum with the cards in an effort to sell gum, and the cards were a bonus, almost a throw-away. Now, you see collectors racing through these base cards in their boxes just to find the triple auto quad relic refractors, and the regular cards go totally ignored. Base cards are there to sell hits. Find your box hit, ignore the rest. Personally I love the 2010 set. Great design, Awesome photography, and some good insert sets (I like the History of the Game and World series cards the most). I also liked Chicle, but stopped collecting it due to the number of short prints that lie within the actual set. I don't mind short prints when they are not part of the base set. The regular Topps issue has it right with short prints being a second card but the same number. If you want to short us on cards, don't make it part of the set, make it a subset if it has to be a 1 in 4 pack odds. So all in all I had random thoughts and put them up here but it wasn't thought out properly. Or maybe it was just me ranting off about nothing again. I tend to do that. Anyway, this came in the mail today:

beat? check. miscut? check. baseball legend who should be in the hall of fame? check. worth the 5 bucks I paid for it? check. awesome? I certainly think so. One of my new favorites.

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