Monday, June 14, 2010

eight days a week

Mail day! I received my first trade package today from Ryan over at "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog. It was filled with various Blue Jays and some series 2 2010 golds (all the golds were numbered anywhere from 806 to 854...weird, and even two 833s). Many Blue Jays I didn't have from sets I have no cards of at all, so it was really great. Only one duplicate! Thanks a ton, if I get more Orioles I'll send them on over. Below is some of my favorites.

I'm digging the Fleer Vernon, its a rookie and a great kinda candid pic. The Bowman Chrome Vernon is also a great addition to my vastly growing collection. The Bowman Best Halladay is a rookie too, plus I'm a big fan of shiny. Roy Halladay a "ones to watch" according to Sports Illustrated and Fleer? You're damn right he's a 'ones to watch'. The Felipe Lopez is cool because its a 'retrofractor', something I've never seen or heard of, shiny on the front, old cardstock on the back. I may need more of these. Finally, this rookie fellow, Jason Perry. What is going on in this picture? why is he in an old uniform but wearing a "newer" hat? Must have run out or something. Again, a big thanks to Ryan for all this great Jays stuff.

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  1. You're welcome Ted. I'm glad you enjoyed the cards I sent. I'll keep an eye out for more (Blue) Jays stuff for you.