Sunday, January 1, 2012

what's ahead

A Happy New Year to everyone and I hope that your holiday was fun, eventful and safe. I've been reading on many blogs about collecting goals for 2012. As collectors, I feel that we all should have goals on what we would like to accomplish, limit or buy within this coming year of collecting. I know the winter has us all in a card calm but once April hits, it's hard to say no to new stuff. Goals are important though because while I am unaware of any millionaires in the blog-o-sphere, I'm going to reckon that none of us are. We're just regular Joes (and Janes) looking to get some nice cards in our grubby mitts and add them to our ever growing collections. We can't buy everything, plus who would want to? I haven't run into any collector that likes every release from Topps. We all have our favorites and we all have those sets we just can't get into. Goals are good. They keep you focused. Eyes on the prize. Plus it does away with unneeded spending and piles and piles of cards that won't do anything, as opposed to getting those last 25 cards to finish off a set, or the greatness of adding a really awesome vintage card to our collection. I like reading these goals from everyone and I hope that you are able to stick with them (myself included). As for my little blog here, I have a few new features in store for this year. In 2010 I used to do more 'feature' posts, where I'd show a random card or a couple random vintage cards from my collection, or something in that vein. I plan on debuting one of these features tomorrow, that I will carry into the new year. A few more should follow soon thereafter. I mean why have the bloggy deal here if we aren't showing our collections and why we have them? Most blogs do this already, I'm just a slacker.

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  1. That's one feature I like seeing on everyone's blog is part of their collection...Braves or not!