Monday, January 9, 2012

guys from connecticut, pt 2

Lets have another look at the local guys.

Today I'm going to feature players that are from the very town I am living in, Southington:
Here is where we are in the darker red part. The lighter red is all of Hartford County and its many towns included within it.

Carl Pavano. Carl started his career with the Expos but was drafted to the Red Sox. From there he went down to Florida to join the Marlins, then to New York for a few (very short) seasons. He played 21 games with the Indians in 09 (which I had no idea until I'm looking at the back of his 2011 card. He is now with the Twins and had a pretty good past few seasons. I had a teacher in high school who mentioned a few times throughout the year that she had Carl in a class of hers.
Oh sure, this card may say New Britain but this is what matters:
See? Home is Southington. Chances are he lived here his whole life. Here is the thing, I was born in New Britain too. If you are from Southington and you have a baby, the closest big hospital for births is New Britain. We do have a hospital here but New Britain General Hospital is the place to have the kids! He is probably right up the street from me as we speak! Well, probably not...

Ah Rob Dibble. Who can forget his fiery fastball and temper. I remember on our main street (Queen Street) there used to be signs on telephone polls stating that Southington was 'The home of Rob Dibble!'. Pretty funny actually.
Originally from Bridgeport, I'm not sure on when he moved here and I'm sure he is gone now but he was here for a little while.

Chris Denorfia. Chris bounced around teams for a little bit. Drafted to the Reds originally, played with them in '05 and '06, then went to the Athletics in 2008. He now plays for the Padres, as you can see on his 2011 card.
Originally from Bristol, the home of ESPN and the next town over. I'm not sure when he came to town but I did graduate with his younger brother. Chris was born in 1980, I was 1982, so I imagine his brother was '82 as well. There was actually just a big article in one of our town papers about him. Talking about his career and journey and such. It was pretty good and I regret not keeping it.

Also in the Connecticut collection I have these:
This is probably the best Skybox baseball card ever. Beehive field is literally 8 minutes away and where the Rock Cats currently play. They built a new stadium for them but its in the same area. Plus I think this field pictured is still there.
I have zero idea where this comes from but its pretty cool. Not much else to say about it other than being a big logo.

Originally I was going to do one player per post but I think I like the town theme better so I'll be sticking with that. Stay tuned for more!

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