Monday, January 23, 2012

sorry but it's time to go... (we hope you enjoyed your stay)

Don't worry, your favorite blog isn't going anywhere...

...and neither is this one.

I've been thinking the past few days about blogging in general. Most of all though, I've thought of the blogs that have come and the blogs that have gone (and the few that have come AND gone) in the time that I've been around the 'sphere. I've been reading for almost two years and writing myself for about a year and a half. I've seen many blogs cease posting since I've started up and you can't help but wonder where they went. Sure, life happens. Reality is much more important than cards or blogging will ever be. I've seen this community grow quite a bit since I started reading in April (or so) of 2010. Some blogs that have been around for years just simply vanish, without a trace of what happened to their owner. I've even seen a few start up, then just stop after a few months. Do they still read our stuff? Are they still in the hobby? Did something major happen and they can't do it anymore? We hope the first two and not the last one.

We've all helped build up this great little community and one way or another have let these others into our lives. Sure we're still at the basic core of it, strangers but based on reading some of the blogs out there, I feel I know some bloggers fairly well. Sometimes we get personal and its good to know that we're not just card sharks but real people behind each one of these screens.

Which brought me to my latest thought.

Wouldn't it be simple courtesy to let everyone know that you're leaving? I know we owe no one anything around here but knowing that many people would be wondering where you went or what happened to another blogger that left the community for what ever reason, would be reason enough to let everyone know with a final post. Even if life gets so hectic, all one has to do is just pop on and jot down a quick explanation of what's going on. Not even a need for detail just a "Hey, see you all later, I've got life to take care of right now" type of thing. We would all wish them well I'm sure. Just a thought.

Now that all that is out of the way, I have a box to give away. I have some mail to send out tomorrow and I'll fill a 400 count box up with cards and ship it to the first person who wants it. Inside will be the most random assortment of cards. All brands, styles, colors and types. Baseball only, one commenter only. After you comment, shoot me an email with your address and I'll have it out.


  1. Glad to see you're staying around, though I did feel guilt for blogs I've abandoned. Random things can be the best things so i would a box of randomness.

  2. Well said, and I agree. If and when the day comes when I hang it up (I'll hardly be missed), I will definitely explain myself.

  3. Drat, missed the free box of randomness by a few hours.

    I could see where someone wouldn't announce they are leaving, especially if their self-imposed 3x a week drifted to 2x, to 1x, to every other week, etc., where they never really intended to leave. Pretty soon it's been 3 months since they feel like they've written anything anyone would read, so they figure, hey, just leave it alone.

    With that said, if I ever tire of blogging, I'll make an effort to explain and wrap things up like a horrible series finale. Most likely though, due to the somewhat meaningless name of my blog, I'd simply let it drift to a new interest.

  4. Hopefully I never mysteriously disappear.


  5. i'm a guy who believes in goodbyes, myself. i'll let you all know when its time to hang em up, which wont be anytime soon, hopefully.

  6. i hear you. its tough to blog on a daily basis. But i also think that if someone who does blog, has somewhat of a following, that they should let their readers know that they are going to be gone, weather for a little while or forever.