Saturday, January 7, 2012

first one down

The first set completion of 2012 has happened. Today I picked up the last two pieces to the 2011 Bowman Platinum set I've been haphazardly working on. The final card?

Yep. A card I already owned. The other was Troy Tulowizki but since he is card 91 and Drabek is 95, Drabek is last. Both cards I actually owned but were in my personal collections.

Usually when working on a set I have a motto I go by, "the set comes first". What that means is even though there are cards I add to my PCs, they go towards the set first then pick up a second copy for said PC. This time though the set was an afterthought and I guess I really wasn't all that intent on finishing it. After grabbing a box and some packs and hitting that Harper auto, that pretty much paid for what I spent on the initial purchases. Even if the Harper did sell for less than it should have (as determined by the market). Oh well. The set is done and in the box put away. I have some trades coming in and hopefully that'll put an end to some of the sets on my want list.

Speaking of want lists, I do intend to have a 1973 Topps list up at some point soon. I do want to thank those that did trade me some of the Platinums towards the set, I'm glad it's finished!

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