Tuesday, January 31, 2012

freaking photo variations

Sigh. Freaking photo variations.

Apparently instead of continuing with the legends variations, Topps has included 20 or so photo variations of various cards in both series one and two in 2012 Series One. The rally squirrel is one of them. Eric Hosmer has two (one of him and team mates on the bench and one of him getting drenched in Gatorade). Pablo Sandoval has two. Ryan Braun has one. The list goes on.

I suppose I should be thankful though, this will get me to buy less not having to chase the legends, 'cuz there aren't any.

One thing is certain though; Check your base cards!

EDIT; Here is a page with all the info right here, complete with photos.


  1. I hope I pull one or two, but just to sell and buy more cards.

  2. I'd like to actually pull one, but I never count on it. Didn't see one sparkle or pie card last year. Guess you have to buy three blasters every week or bust cases.

    I'm looking at the inserts, esp. the Gold Standars, Golden Moments, and Walkoffs, and I can't help but think "Panini football lazy base design". Big empty spaces for the autographs you DIDN'T GET. C'mon Topps, don't get lazy on us!

  3. The only gimmick card I ever wanted was the Nelson Cruz pieface...never seen it.