Friday, January 6, 2012

1973 progress

Is anyone collecting this set? Seems like a few of us are. I haven't spoken of it in a little bit so I figured I would update my progress.

According to my calculations, I should be at 488/684. I get the number 684 due to the blue bordered checklists for each team (24 of them). I picked up a few lots on eBay and have been keeping track of everything. Cost per lot, per card, how many cards I received and how many I needed. The cost per card is tallied by what I need.

For example;

I picked up a lot of 190 cards. Needed 118. I paid $29.95 (including shipping), so my cost per card needed was about 25 cents. Not bad. I've been hovering in the 18 to 30 cent range per card needed for most of the lots. I'm getting higher numbers in these too (anything after 528 is the final, fifth series). Not a whole lot of high numbers mind you but a good number.

I want to see what it costs to put it together. I've never done this with a set before but I am also taking a different approach with this set. As opposed to buying it outright I plan to hit shows, buy lots and do some trading.

Speaking of trading, like I mentioned above, is anyone chasing this set? I have a 400 count box full of doubles now and they are all available. Hopefully we can work something out. Or if anyone has any of those blue checklists and aren't chasing them, please let me know, I need 12 more.


  1. I'm working on it, sort of! It's on the back burner while I head overseas. I'm at 362/660 (the team checklists may be added in later, though). No doubles thanks to Jim's trades/gifts. Good luck working with the set!

  2. I've been toying with it picking them up when I can. Maybe we can work out something with our on-going trade.

  3. I've got 654/660 and have #650 Alou on the Topps giveaway site. I should have a decent stack of dupes though they'll probably be mostly lower numbers. Have never seen a reasonable lot of the blue checklists (I have none).