Wednesday, January 11, 2012

trade winds blow for the first time in 2012

Three times in fact. I received three trade packages in the mail today, all great. I do plan on doing more trade posts like these this year. It's something I've neglected to do al lot last year due to my impatience of having cards sit around. I want them filed away where they go as soon as I get them. Not this year though, I won't be so lazy not to scan and write about them when I get them.

First is a trade from Napkin Doon. Recently he took delivery of all his eTopps cards. Apparently they aren't going to be producing new cards anymore. I'm a little confused as to why I can't take delivery of the three cards I have in my portfolio. I bought them and want them but I can't have them. Frustrating.

Anyway, back to the trade:
He posted up his first haul and I asked him if he would part with the shiny Mathewson you see here. Well, he did and here it is next to my original T206 version of the card, which is why I wanted it. I thought it would make a good complimentary piece to the original. I think it does, being the same picture (he had three different cards in that 1909 set). Napkin, your cards are sitting here all pulled and will be on their way soon!

Next up is a trade from reader Brad. He let me know that he busted a case of this years Chrome and that he had cards to finish my set. He certainly did. Chrome is finished thanks to Brad! He also sent a Kyle Drabek base auto from the set and a few other assorted Jays. I'm hugely thankful that the set is now finished. Brad's brother is Dan from The Other World and doesn't have a blog of his own (yet...) but hopes to soon. A box of Phillies and other assorted goodies will be on their way soon.

Lastly but certainly not least is a monster of a trade from Scott over at Scott Crawford on Cards. Scott and I have exchanged cards on a few occasions and is always a good trade. This one though, took the cake. He sent over a big old box of cards, loaded with cards from pretty much every one of my player collections, along with other collections as well. Here are my favorites:
Love love love the Pilots team card. It's a high number, which explains why I've never seen it. He also included the entire Prime 9 set minus the Jeter, with Hank being my favorite there. The beat Mays is sweet too. Definitely some character to Willie's final card. The Giants Mize card is fuzzy (what a weird set) and the Clemente is really cool too. I hope to one day own the original. The Tulo and Hamilton rookies are just icing on the already sweet cake. There's a ton more in the box too, with a few cards towards the Update set as well.

A big thanks to all three of you for the great cards, they'll go nicely in my collection. 2011 Chrome is the second set I finished this week, let alone this year. Hopefully Update will be finished soon too.

On a final note, this is post number 400 for me on the old blog here. Hard to believe I've had that much to say and you guys to read it (even if a bunch of posts are dedicated to draft breaks). A huge thanks for reading, commenting, trading and all the other facets of collecting to you guys for allowing it to happen! Here's to 400 more!