Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Another day, another trade. This time the cards come from Jeff over at My Sports Obsession. I sent Jeff some 1973 Topps towards his set that he has recently started, along with some Michigan alums, some Colts and some White Sox. Here is the best of what he sent along:
The Romero relic is actually the second I've gotten in about two weeks. No complaints here though. The Diamond King relic is cool as well. I have only one of these dual relics from this set, that being of Vernon Wells. The Mize and Griffey are for the Player Collections and the Romero rookie is for the rookie binder (I already had it in the Jays box). The Griffey is a great addition due to me not buying any Topps Unique ever. I have only a couple of Jays from the set and a Vernon Wells patch and thats it. I've seen so little of this set, so when I get one it excites me just a little. He also sent some random Jays, and a few other players for the PC, especially Frank Thomas which makes sense, seeing as how Jeff is a Sox fan. Thanks Jeff, you cards should be there any day now!

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  1. Glad you liked them. I saw Frank Thomas in your player collection and I knew I would have a bunch of those. He has a crap load of cards I'm finding out.