Friday, January 20, 2012

mail day- trade winds and completion

A couple of trades in the mail today.

The first comes from Sam over at The Daily Dimwit. He had expressed interest in collecting the Hollywood manu-relics from American Pie. He and his wife are completing the word "Hollywood" out of them, no matter the person on the card. They had two 'O's but needed a third, which I had. He recently held a Chrome group break and pulled a refractor Drabek auto, which I expressed interest in:
He also posted a regular, which I also expressed interest in and a trade was born. I found some cards from his want lists plus some Astros to send over his way. Sam, I haven't been to the post office yet but I will be and you should have your cards fairly soon! Thanks!

Speaking of Drabek, these autos mark my 13th and 14th of his:

4 regular Chrome
1 refractor Chrome 123/499
1 gold Chrome 25/50
4 Triple Threads auto/relics 60/99, 23/75, 66/75, 37/50
1 Bowman Chrome
1 Topps 60 (from series 2)
1 Topps Next 60 (from Update)
1 in person auto (from eBay, looks legit though)

I'm no prospector but he is the only Blue Jay with a ton of affordable autos in recent products. If you have any, I am definitely interested, especially Chrome colors I don't yet have.

The second trade comes from Brian over at Play at the Plate. He wanted an American Pie relic for his wife. Seems that the American Pie set is a favorite of the wives eh? In return he sent these:
Kimballs!! I did only need one but it's one closer to finishing.

Some sweet parallels from the Pie. The Hendrix is especially awesome, due to the refractor quality mixing well with the colorful 60's era. Gary Cooper is numbered to 76 but I have no idea who he is, save for the reference in that 'Puttin on the Ritz' song from the 80's.

A Vincent Pastore relic. I have never watched The Sopranos, even though I know I should. Someday I will then I'll be able to fully appreciate this card.

The best part! I got his now (in)famous UPC card from American Pie. Card of the year!

Like Sam's cards, I haven't been to the post office yet but I will be soon and you'll have your cards shortly! Thanks for the trade!

The final piece of mail contained this:
The Roberto Alomar short print variation from Update. Why is it significant? Well, it just so happens to complete my Legends Variation set from Update, meaning I now have all 74 from 2011. It joins 2010 as being fully complete and I may now start on 2009 fully. Well, until two weeks from now when 2012 comes out...

Speaking of 2011 variations, should I scan them and show them like I did 2010? I seemed to have a positive response to the 2010s but that could be that no one really saw those. 2011s seemed pretty familiar to all of us, seeing as how they were everywhere in Update and we all bought a ton of 2011 flagship. Let me know if you want to see them and I'll post them in the future.


  1. I have a Chrome Drabek auto (can't remember if its a refractor) and a Sepia refractor of him. Let me know if you are interested and check my blog for who I collect.


  2. sorry, the sepia is NOT an auto. thanks.

  3. You don't know who Gary Cooper is? Arrgggghhhh!!!

    High Noon? Mister Deeds Goes to Town?

    He played Lou Gehrig in The Pride of the
    Yankees, for goodness sake!!!

    Damn kids!!

  4. As Ahhhnold says......get to the chopppa!......I mean, DOO IHT!

  5. I would LOVE to see all of them. That would be awesome to see all of them in one place.

  6. I'm posting the cards you sent on Friday. I would like to see them (the sps).