Friday, January 27, 2012

trades and thanks and stuff

First off, I want to thank everyone for their comments and reading my previous post about the 2012 phenomena. At nearly 100 views, its one of my most read posts ever. Funny, the past three posts I've done were very highly read. Seem thats when I get topical about the hobby, people actually read what I write. Now, I mentioned in that post that I had gotten some trade mails, so here they are.

First up is my first trade with Baseball Dad from All Tribe Baseball. I sent him some wrappers, Indians and some 2011 Stickers he needed. In return he sent:
Some Jays and even some checklists (some good oddball stuff at that). He also sent along a few Stickers for my book, which is slowly creeping on being complete. Thanks and I'll be sure to save some of my wrappers from now on!

A little while back, the Cardboard Don himself, Wicked, had contacted me about trading off his Adam Lind collection. I showed him some stuff I had available and soon a trade was born. You can see what I sent him here. He is notorious around the blogg-o-sphere for being an awesome trader. This time was no different:
So. Much. Lind.

Seriously, I've become an Adam Lind supercollector overnight! Many autos and relics and even some with both! Awesome stuff all around and a HUGE thanks to Wicked, you never disappoint man!

I also received two more envelopes from Julie at Things Are Funner Here and Robert over at $30 a Week Habit. Both were in response to stuff I had previously sent out to them and they were saying their thanks. Julie sent some Jays parallels from 2011, some Triple Threads from 2009 for my player collections (Mize and Speaker). Robert sent along an Adam Lind auto, the very same one above in the first picture from Wicked, the Solo Shot from Topps Unique. Having two is no biggie for me, the more the merrier! Thanks guys!

I'm making great headway on the Kimballs and the Stickers, so please if you have some, let me know! I'll trade huge for them! Let's finish those suckers up!


  1. That's an outstanding Lind collection, congrats!

  2. I'm a bit late commenting on this post, but you are quite welcome. As I mentioned, my Halladay collection wouldn't be the same without your help, and I am forever appreciative!