Thursday, September 2, 2010

wwe week-day 4

These are the two dual autographs I pulled in my boxes. They run about 1:162 hobby. They come in a gold (#'d to 25) and red parallel (1/1). I believe all dual autos are XX/99. Both are pretty good match ups too, that make sense, as they are both tag teams ( former). Some of the dual pairings are a little odd, but these work. Tomorrow's post will be the "big" finale, and then we go back to baseball for those who don't care much for wrestling. Normal programming will resume on Saturday...maybe. I'll be in New York City for the Yankees/Jays game and we're leaving super early so we can hit a few places before the game. I'll probably do a post for Sat. on Friday night. Until then...

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  1. Really enjoying the wrestling posts. That DiBiase and Rhodes is a great card!