Sunday, September 5, 2010

topps 206 blaster

I picked up a 2010 Topps 206 blaster at the local Target today (along with two loose packs) and I have scanned the minis shown here. As far as anything else goes, it wasn't anything but base and the thick bronze parallels. So no cool stuff like autos or short prints or anything. Here are the minis:

There are four American Caramel backs, one Old Mill, two Piedmont and one Polar Bear. The other two are historical events inserts, which are pretty cool. I may try for all of these, but I don't think I plan on buying much more of this set beyond maybe a few random packs. I don't think this set needs to be an annual issue and could be rotated every other year with Ginters, but hey, its not my damn company. I do like minis though...


  1. I like the Gehrig and Wright Brothers the best. Brandon Inge looks like he's trying to hypnotize me or something.

  2. Carl Crawford Cards just posted the 2nd box of his 5 box September group break. It had an Inge printing plate and that looked really weird.