Wednesday, September 22, 2010

value-fractor-mania! (non-fractor)

As I stated in yesterdays posts comments (I have to comment from the wife's computer, mine still won't let me comment...I know, stupid), I was going to post what else I got in the WallyMart value boxes. The first box came with the Hanrahan auto. The second came with the manu-patch (which made the pack super obviously thicker than the others) and the bronze Met. The third and latest came with the Mijares auto and the best bronze I could have gotten out of series two, being Aaron Hill. Great seeing as how I'm sort of collecting him. The funny thing with the Hanrahan and Mijares autos is that they don't even have cards in the regular set, but they got autos! (and even funnier is that I have a Mijares auto from series 1, go figure) Maybe these are left over stickers from when Topps had them sign for Bowman cards and never used the sticker autos up. Who the heck knows. Maybe I'll try for one more to test my luck.

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