Thursday, September 16, 2010

subconscience collecting

Apparently I am collecting 2010 Topps football. I hadn't planned on it, but I keep buying packs. When I purchased the value pack yesterday, it came home along with two packs of football. I didn't even notice! (OK, I did, but still...) I have, however decided just to collect the base set. No parallels, no inserts, nada. So if some of you have a wantlist for 2010 Topps football inserts, let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. I may (but probably not) collect the Bowman inserts (see above), but that all depends on how many I can get my hands on. I like the look of them, plus I'm a fan of all things retro.

UPDATE: I brought up the copper parallels in yesterdays post. Apparently they are Wal-Mart only, and are only series 2. There are no series 1 copper parallels (to my knowledge thus far), so I will not be finding that Wells after all.

Also- I just saw a few blogs with the picture of the 2011 Topps base cards. I am...uncertain how I feel about them. One commenter said they look like they are out of the 90's and I may have to agree. Kinda reminds me of 1996 Topps now that I think about it...

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  1. if you're interested in trading that manning, lmk... I've got some dupes from the 2010 set to offer.