Sunday, September 12, 2010

double-play double take

Ahh, I'm such the sucker when it comes to vintage stuff. I really am. I have a binder with nothing but history in it. It has 8 to 9 cards representing every year of Topps since 1952 (the 8s are for '52 to '56). I have a couple pages, however, that go before these Topps cards that hold all my pre-Topps stuff, with the exception of the T-206 cards, they get special holders. The above two cards have been just added to these said pages. These cards hail from 1941, from a set called Double-Play. I am not exact on who made these, but I am researching the subject. These represent my first DP cards, and could be my last, as I really don't see them often. I got them from the local shop, he had bought them off a guy who held on to them for years. I also got two 1941 Play Balls too, but those are for another post. These two Hall Of Famers deserve to be first. My only "real" Mel Ott and Johnny Mize cards (no, 2010 Topps inserts don't count), and is actually Mize's Extended Rookie (whatever that means). These cards are in pretty good shape for being almost 70 years old. Mize is great with just a little corner wear, but Ott has two small creases, plus a little worse corner wear. I am definitely not complaining though due to the price being friggin' amazing. A great addition to the pre-Topps section indeed.

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  1. I like when someone posts something that I never have seen before. Great pick up!!