Thursday, July 8, 2010

it came from....the mailbox!

My internet is on the fritz, so I'll be brief. I received a trade package in the mail today from Colbey over at CardboardCollections. We had been going back and forth playing email tag for a little while now. I participated in his group break, and we waited until that was finished up. I kept getting more series 2 and Opening Days he needed so I wanted to get as many cards over to him in one shot. He found a TON of Jays stuff I needed (many Upper Deck were obtained), and even finished my 2010 Topps Opening Day set with card 127, Scott Kazmir. He also sent over some 2010 golds, some blue Opening Days, a couple of Target retros and the series 2 Nolan Ryan short print, which shows him throwing a football. Amusing. About it for now, a big thanks to Colbey for the goods, and I hope the box I sent has much you need inside.

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  1. I'm glad we were finally able to complete the trade and that you're happy w/ the loot I sent you. 2 day delivery too, wow!