Tuesday, July 6, 2010

one month-iversary!

Alright, so I've been doing this for a month now, and have been collecting again since around March. It all started with a pack of 2010 Topps series 1. From then on I was hooked, something new to distract me and enjoy. So whats the status? How did I do? Well, I sure have complained alot about Topps. Truth is I have always leaned toward them as my favorite company to collect, even as a kid. While I do like to see them as the survivor of the Baseball Card Wars, I do still miss Upper Deck, and some of the competition. Competition breeds creativity, a drive to be better than the rest. I may have complained a fair amount, but there are many aspects of the hobby that I do enjoy. I enjoy the basic elements of the hobby, sorting cards, collecting my favorite team and players, making sets, etc. I also enjoy talking about it, be it online here in this arena, or at my local card shop (Ken's Cards in Berlin, he's a great guy). One thing that I enjoy possibly the most is trading. I have met so many great collectors on these blogs that it really makes all of this so much more fun. I can't thank you guys enough for making me part of the community and helping me collect the Jays stuff and complete sets and such. I'm always down for a good trade and I really like helping people complete sets. A month may not be a long time, but I have posted each day since I started (even if I had to stretch to write about something) and I plan on continuing that trend in the near future. Again, a huge thanks to everyone out there in inner-netland, with many more trades to come!

Here are some more reasons why I enjoy the hobby so much:

Vernon is my favorite player to collect, and having an auto/relic is just great. The Overbay Sweet Spot is one of my favorite cards in my collection (it did not scan properly due to it being as thick as a full pack of cards). Key was always a favorite as a kid, and I'm thrilled to own a piece of his jersey. The quad relic I just HAD to have, thats the great thing about being a Jays collector around here, seemingly no one follows them so I get stuff on the cheap!

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