Thursday, July 22, 2010

factory fifth (o-rama!)

Topps 2000 is another set I didn't see until I came back into collecting. While not a bad design, there isn't much more I can say beyond that. Its not boring but nothing makes it stand out as a set that screams "collect me!" (like 1987, that wood grain siding, pure awesomeness). It is a small set at 478 cards, and that usually means that its less daunting to collect than some of Topps' 792 card counterparts. Unless you buy the set outright of course, like myself. Then again, its also ten years later. Anyway, they gave McGwire card #1, and it looks like he just pounded a ball to the moon with one of his 'roid runs'. I'm not going to judge him though. He did what he did. Who didn't in baseball around then? I won't call him the "Home Run King" though, nor will I Bonds. That man to the right of Mr. McGwire is the true home run king. Yes, its come under some suspicion that Hank may have used some substances in his day, such as uppers or whatever. He was still the same size and didn't turn his arms into tree trunks to hit home runs. That was all him. Oh, that shiny Hank above came in the set as well, a sweet bonus. Apparently they did a chrome reprint of every Hank card, here we have the 1965. Overall this set is another for the collection, and it'll be another fun one to go through.

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