Sunday, July 25, 2010

baseball time!

We attended the New Britain Rock Cats game on Friday night. The played the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, which is the Toronto Blue Jays Double-A affiliate. It was like being at a Twins/Jays game!.....Ok, no it wasn't. It was a bunch of fun though, as I always enjoy going to these games.

Things started off pretty well, and both teams had a good pitcher going for them. I also found that Travis Snider was in the line-up, and got quite excited to see him hit. Thats not him in the picture above, but he did single off of his first pitch. It was the third inning and we went to get some ice cream in a helmet, (for those who don't remember, Baskin Robbins in the 80's used to have a sundae that they served in a mini replica batting helmet of a MLB team, the Rock Cats have done the same thing, except with their logo on it) and then this happened!

Oh no! A rain delay! This delay lasted about one and a half hours.

Here is the scoreboard after the rain started. Like I mentioned, it only went three innings before it started pouring. Many people left, but we decided to hang around seeing as how our seats were dry.

This is them getting the field ready again to resume play. There was alot of standing around after this, I wasn't sure what they were doing. We ended up leaving after the 6th inning due to the three of us being quite tired. When they did resume however, Snider wasn't in the line-up anymore. Not sure what happened to him, but it was good to see him in the first inning regardless. Definitely a fun time, and we will be going again soon. So far this was the third game we attended this season, and apparently our tickets are good for another game. Score! Good times...

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