Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the long and winding road.

I'm not even sure where to begin with this post.

I suppose it doesn't have a beginning at all, giving that it was inevitable. I have a bad habit of cycling through hobbies. I get into something for a couple months at a time, then something else comes along and takes it place, only to leave the preceding hobby in the dust. At least for the time being.

As much as I hate to say or admit it, I think the time has come for this one. I haven't bought much of anything baseball card related, nor even looked online for anything either. It's not to say I've given it up really, I guess it's just taken a back seat to everything else. But rather than pretend that it'll return any time soon I'd rather end it on a positive note, than have it hang in limbo. Nothing has really taken baseball cards place, I just seemed to have lost interest in collecting.

So it's official; I'm hanging up my cleats.

From the highs:

-an absolutely wonderful community and atmosphere in the blog-o-sphere
-the great trades
-the two years of loyal readers and commenters
-too much to name here, it's all been such a great experience and I'm really glad to have been a part of it

To the lows:

-I can't say there were too many lows, if any at all. It's been such a friendly and positive experience that I have zero lows that I can share. I almost hate to end things but like I said, I'd rather have a definitive end than have the blog left in limbo and uncertainty.

I have a few trade packages to send out and some other packages as well. If I put anything aside for you in the past few weeks and we haven't spoken about a trade, you'll see the cards soon enough. No need to send anything back in return, just take it as a 'thanks' for the support, the great trades and the great reads over these past two years.

See? I even had a two year mark on the blog and I didn't even mention it. That's what was the deciding factor to do this. Never mind the scant three posts I've had in the past two months.

My collection will shrink but not vanish. I still treasure a lot of the cards I've obtained and will keep them for years to come. Heck, maybe I'll still finish off that T-206 page someday.

I'm rambling, so I'll finish up here. I may pop on to read a few things here and there because the posts you guys write are still excellent but there won't be anything new from me. All in all it's been a wonderful two years and I think this sums it up nicely:

And in the end, the love you take
is equal to the love you make