Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 topps red parallels

In case some of you haven't seen some of these. Topps decided to put these red-bordered parallels into their hobby edition factory sets. They are numbered to 299, and come five random cards to a set. They do have a gold stamped number on the back, much like every set had before this years Topps, with its sloppy black numbers. They did do the Strasburg of course, and not surprisingly dealers want way tool much for them. Other than him, you should be able to find any player reasonably priced on ebay. I picked the two of these up for $2.99 each. The Overbay is numbered 187/299, and the Hill is 009/299. Fear not readers, the Vernon Wells is on its way. When I saw these pop up on eBay, I obviously wanted the Wells to add to my rainbow (I'm still looking for that platinum that I know I'll never see), and I searched each day until he came up. I suppose there aren't too many of these reds floating around (299x661=197,639 total) and not everyone is going to break their sets open just to get these, so if you see a player you want I'd say grab it because they may not appear too often. I haven't decided if I want to complete the Jays set yet, but it is a possibility.

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  1. I thought the numbered reds were only of prospects and stars. I need to keep an eye out for an Adam Lind.