Tuesday, July 13, 2010

seeing double

Topps LOVES to recycle images on their cards. I know it. You know it. As one blogger had pointed out in a review of 2010 Ginter's, the Albert Pujols is a recycled image from the 2009 base set. Weird. No new shots of Mr. Pujols lying around? Well here are a couple that caught my eye.

Both retro style sets, AND from the same year (2006). No Topps, I did not notice. You have won again.

The next two however, I found a bit more weird.

Both 2010 issues, but obviously one is Topps and the other Upper Deck. A slight difference in the shot, with the UD more than likely being taken first. Topps looks a little washed out in comparison, where as the UD is probably closer to how "real life" looked when it was taken. No complaints really, a good shot on both cards. Thats something I could never fault Upper Deck for is their photography. Always quality shots in every set and usually a hefty number of them to boot. I picked up more 2010 UD a few days ago, and I'm this close [____] to wanting to put that final UD issue together. Maybe sometime soon.

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