Tuesday, July 27, 2010

doing the unstuck

I am not too pleased. I got my 1994 Topps factory set today. I opened it up to find one massive brick of cards. Well it was more like 10 or so smaller bricks, but regardless. They all stuck together and while pulling some of them apart, it ruined the finish on the backs/fronts. Its the type of gloss on the cards. The same thing happens to earlier Stadium Club cards, Fleer Ultras too. Its that early to mid 90's gloss thats not slippery. My 2003 and 2004 sets stuck too, but they came unstuck without damage. 1994 wasn't as lucky. It wasn't factory sealed, just taped on three sides like Topps used to do. Maybe some moisture got up in there and made 'em all stick. Whatever the case is, that set is pretty much ruined and I'm watching another one. If the same thing happens, I'll be abandoning the mid-90s Topps sets altogether.


  1. Sucks. I've been pretty lucky in the boxes and packs I've ripped so far. Only one pack was trashed by cards sticking to one another. I'm thinking that some cards were stored in better conditions than others. The ones that were kept in a car trunk for 15 years are going to be toast.

  2. Ah man that really sucks. The same thing has happened with me as well so welcome to the club.

  3. That sucks, maybe you could you find one in pages already?